Crescendo Biologics is discovering and developing potent and highly differentiated Humabody® VH therapeutics with a focus on cancer, specifically in the fields of Immune-Oncology (IO) and next generation Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

Humabodies are substantially different from conventional antibodies or even antibody fragments in terms of size, format, multi-specificity and pharmacology. They are based on our proprietary, robust and highly efficient transgenic VH technology platform providing 100% human VH domains of minimal size (12 kDa).

These VH domains are used as robust building blocks for the generation of mono- and multi-specific Humabodies. Our rapid plug & play technology enables us to unlock differentiated approaches with an immunoglobulin-derived structure of minimal size such as:

  • combinatorial specificity
  • bi-paratopic targeting
  • tuneable internalization
  • extended half-life.

To leverage the advantages of our Humabody VH technology, we are building a pipeline of new therapeutics against a wide variety of targets in the IO field and as next generation ADCs. Humabody® Drug Conjugates (HDCs) show superior tissue penetration and tumour/background ratios in vivo with the potential of greatly improved therapeutic windows.

Proprietary, robust, and highly efficient

transgenic VH domain technology

Key Oncology Data on Humabody™ Drug Conjugates

Key Oncology Data on Humabody™ Drug Conjugates.
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Crescendo Appoints New Chairman

Crescendo Appoints New Chairman
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