Crescendo Biologics is discovering and developing potent and highly differentiated Humabody® therapeutics with a focus on key cancer indications with a high unmet need.

Crescendo’s technology platform is centred on a unique, patent protected transgenic mouse. Using this platform and its expertise in formatting, Crescendo can identify and rapidly assemble small (12 kDa), robust, fully human VH ‘building blocks’ from all of the human germline families into optimally configured Humabody therapeutics of minimal size.

Unlike nearly all of the competing alternative antibody-based formats, Humabodies do not require any hetero-dimerisation of heavy and light chains. As such, we can quickly create an almost limitless number of mono- and multi-specific constructs capable of engaging therapeutically valuable targets in a way that is fundamentally different than those using whole antibodies, thereby unlocking novel biology.

Crescendo can therefore pursue differentiated approaches such as:

  • combinatorial specificity
  • bi-paratopic targeting
  • tuneable internalisation
  • extended half-life.

To leverage the advantages of our Humabody VH technology, we are building a pipeline of novel, differentiated therapeutics against a wide variety of targets in the Immuno-oncology (IO) field and next generation ADCs. Humabody VH building blocks can be rapidly assembled into multi-specific formats, offering a unique approach for unlocking new biology in the IO space by the simultaneous engagement of multiple synergistic pathways. Humabody Drug Conjugates (HDCs) show superior tissue penetration and tumour/background ratios in vivo with the potential of greatly improved therapeutic windows.

Patent-protected transgenic VH platform facilitates rapid assembly of optimally configured Humabody therapeutics for novel biology