Crescendo Biologics is discovering and developing potent and highly differentiated Humabody® VH therapeutics with a focus on cancer, specifically in the fields of Immune-Oncology (IO) and next generation Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

Humabodies are substantially different from conventional antibodies or even antibody fragments in terms of size, format, multi-specificity and pharmacology. They are based on our proprietary, robust and highly efficient transgenic VH technology platform providing 100% human VH domains of minimal size (12 kDa).

These VH domains are used as robust building blocks for the generation of mono- and multi-specific Humabodies. Our rapid plug & play technology enables us to unlock differentiated approaches with an immunoglobulin-derived structure of minimal size such as:

  • combinatorial specificity
  • bi-paratopic targeting
  • tuneable internalization
  • extended half-life.

To leverage the advantages of our Humabody VH technology, we are building a pipeline of new therapeutics against a wide variety of targets in the IO field and as next generation ADCs. Humabody® Drug Conjugates (HDCs) show superior tissue penetration and tumour/background ratios in vivo with the potential of greatly improved therapeutic windows.

Proprietary, robust, and highly efficient

transgenic VH domain technology

Crescendo strengthens IP portfolio with U.S. patent

Crescendo strengthens IP portfolio with U.S. patent to transgenic mouse platform for generating Humabody® therapeutics.
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Applying a versatile, innovative platform to oncology
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Key Oncology Data on Humabody™ Drug Conjugates

Key Oncology Data on Humabody™ Drug Conjugates.
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